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  1. No Dark Mode

Fix it.

Can't open user profile by clicking on avatar :(

Forum pages seem not to load more often than they do.  I click on a URL and get a blank page with just the site background loaded.


Chrome version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The site doesn't work at all in IE and has a lot of problems in Edge.

1.1. After scrolling down the 'Create thread' button overlays on the user's avatar.
1.2. Also many empty space on the left side + the 'Create thread' button doesn't stick to the right side.
1.3. The forum table floats over the borders.
1.4. Proposition: Let the forum list shows only icons, but on hover it will expand over and show icons, forum titles, urls etc.
2. Any forum boards.
3. Chromium v73. The screen resolution is 1440x900.


You guys really just want people to stop using the site huh? XD

With the last redesign how much traffic was lost? Upgrades are supposed to make things better, not worse. Oh well -- 90+% of members are only here for the giveaways and DGAF about anything else on the site.

Bugs throughout the forum, regardless of browser:


(1) Text in italics reverts to regular when posting.


(2) The German time unit abbreviations are mostly wrong.

Currently the following ones are used: s, m, h, T., Mt., J. for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years, respectively.

The correct ones are: s, min, h, d, m, a.

Take note that "m" is months, not minutes. There is no official abbreviation for "Woche(n)", i.e. week(s), just in case this is actually in use and I just didn't come across it.

Units have to be space separated from the number.


(3) A "0 s" timestamp is wrongly reduced to "s".


why ?


why ?

We're PC users ,ffs.

Have a separate app for phones ,don't do this.


  1. The "Create Thread" on forum sections scrolls above the profile button, rendering it unclickable untill you scroll back to the top.
  2. Any forum section
  3. Chrome 76 64bit
  4. Scrolling to the top of the page so you can click it works.

Here's a picture: