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Flamerion said: 

  1. Long titles wreck the Forums
  2. All forum pages
  3. Google Chrome (64-bit) v76.0.3809.100
  4. Don't use long titles (limit titles char num? use ellipsis when it's too long?)

    And don't worry I changed the title after testing

They are tried ellipsis actually.

.forums__topic-title, .forums__last-post {

   white-space: nowrap;
   text-overflow: ellipsis;
   overflow: hidden;


But for ellipsis work there is need not just nowrap and overflow hidden, but width in pixels (percentage wont work).

Also they have messed table and flex, so simple width in pixels will not work as intended.

<td class="col-xl-6 forums__topic-title">


.col-xl-6 {
  flex: 0 0 50%;
  max-width: 50%;

So there is a two options comes in mind to fix this.


First one (not so good but keeping what 10 years designer intended):

1: Removing flex from table elements. (In my opinion this is a mess in any case. Or you're using tables from previous century or you using divs and flow. Let tables to rest in peace.)

2: Setting a pixel width for a ".forums__topic-title" in CSS. (Whole path not so good because they should set it for every resolution which is redudant).


Second one (more friendly way):

Remove "white-space: nowrap" from ".forums__topic-title". (This will allow topic titles to wrap onto another line and will not break whole table with its messy flow.)

I mostly browse the website from a mobile phone.

After redesign the links on my personal menu on right side


a) require me to move screeen to top right corner

b) have differences in desktop/mobile view (calendar only on desktop)

c) daily tasks on mobile marked as links but they dont do anything

d) if i have avatar/badges section visible then i cant scroll inside that window to see daily rewards section


Notifications not working properly.

Sorry for saying this but I am getting nervous using it. Slower, full of useless scripts, smaller decentered text areas, microscopic emoticons (see badges), useless dispersive double-triple menù areas, incomphresnsible removal of the images and removal of certain useful ARP counters.  I don't want to tell you what to fix, you should simply return to the old one. Tablet skins are ruining everything. I waited and used it before saying this.

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  1. This page is difficult to read
  3. Firefox 64 v68.0.2

  1. Have "two-factor authentication" enabled.  When attemting to log in to this site, I get a "undefined.ref" error message after hitting the Login button.
  2. Well, that's the other problem, I don't see a way to log out so I can point to the page.  But the main login screen is where this error occurred.
  3. Firefox Quantum 64-bit v68.0.2 (latest)
  4. Fortunately, once I clicked the email link, I was logged in.

Still having the inconsistency in ARP points (level as well) .  The "My Profile" shows more than the right hand menu.  If I had to guess, from memory, I'd say the "My Profile" is the one that is accurate.  The level shown on the right hand menu is "30", but the level shown under my profile is the master sub level "28" (master reset of the original 30 and started ticking up again).


All this text should be bold.

All this text should be in italic.

All this text should be underlined.


Italic in not displayed once the comment has been published. At least it's not displayed on my computer (Firefox 68.0.2 32bits)

Edit (24/09/2019): The italic problem is still there ... 


  1. "Chest" style ARP giveaways do not show the complete image after hitting the "Start Quest" button.  Instead they look like the image below.  This applies to ALL chests, but I'm using this is an example.  No ad-blockers being used though Firefox's tracker blocking is enabled by default.
  3. Firefox 64-bit v.68.0.2
  4. Sometimes clicking the small area being displayed (like the black part in the image below) will bring up the rest of the chest.

my badges no work