-MUST READ- Quick guide to daily Arena Reward Points (ARPs)
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 The Welcome Board - Rules and Useful Links
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 Welcome To Alienware Arena. Please Introduce yourself.
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 Hello 你吃了吗?Привет Hola Hallo
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 New here, just like evryome else!
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 I'm back after 5 months out in the seas!
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 Hello world
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 Daily Quest
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 hello @all
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 Hello good peoples!
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 Heyo, just a random australian passing through
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 [Daily Quest] [Non-US] Extra Extra! Read all about it!
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 Hi! Where are you from?
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 Question on ARP
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 Привет всему русскоязычному сообществу! Выполняем дейлики! :D
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 hey how do i go level 2
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 Hello fellow Blade and Soulers
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 Hi there ppl :)
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 Hello Everybody (i miss you guys alot)
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 Hello, new here :)
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 Daily Quest
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 Hoy can i Go to level 2?
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