Beer Belly Master Mindz - Gaming Clan Europe

Beer Belly Master Mindz - Gaming Clan Europe


This is the Beer Belly Master Mindz PC gaming clan group created for all the brothers that are oversees. Home of the European and American fighting friends.

YOU found us! we're a bunch of guys in our mid 30'th that have fun gaming together. We're not really recruiting but if you meet us on a server and you think you might like to game with us more often please feel free to join our clan. Usually we meet on Monday evenings 2000 Central European time to play Battlefield 4 in our server, the rest of the week we dedicate to other titles like World of Tanks/Planes, DayZ, Rust, America's Army, Call of Duty. Eve Online etc.. so feel free to join and have a laugh, have some fun and never forget the owe so needed beverage, our choice is always beer... that's us!!

The ip address to our teamspeak voice server is to access it please contact a member of BBMM for the password. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Founded by Timewarp76

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