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How to Fix not detecting graphics card

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Hi all!

I have an Alienware 17 with Windows 8.1 with a Nvidia GTX 880M graphics card. From nothing It didn't show the Nvidia card anymore, but only the Intel. I tried several solutions but they didn't work... Does anyone know how to do? :(

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I followed the guide, I updated the program and use the FN + F5 function. In this way, in the bios, I recognize the nvidia card but I do not see more Intel from bios... and once windows started I still can not see the graphics card nvidia, even though the bios recognizes it.

The Doctor
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Have you tried switching to discrete mode in Bios? (if that's available)

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elpitaya said:

Have you tried switching to discrete mode in Bios? (if that's available)

That's not available in BIOS mode :/

upgraded my heart to a EVGA PSU
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Coming from the other thread.

1 Is your bios up to date? Sometimes hitting ok on the install is not enough. You need to run as admin and then look to confirm the version in bios. 

2 Make sure you do all windows updates.

3 Go into device manager and make sure your GPU is enabled.

After that if you still have a issue we will talk via PM and i may go ahead and do team viewer. Normally i like to get to know a person first.

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Добрый день! Подскажите пожалуйста, заменил в своем AW M17x 2014 неисправную видеокарту R9 M290x 4GB на HD7970m 2GB, она не определяется в BIOS и в системе, пишет Not detected. Bios обновил до А17, Windows 10 обновлял, ничего не помогает. Heeeeelp!

The Doctor
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Hello, I've locked the thread please start one new since this one is 5yr old