Another writer of Half-Life and Portal left Valve

Another writer of Half-Life and Portal left Valve

Erik Wolpaw joined Valve in 2004 and helped to write the story of the Half-Life 2 Episode One and Two, the original Portal and the two Left 4 Dead games. But, it seems that after thirteen years of successful cooperation he decided to seek his fortune elsewhere, what was confirmed by his former colleague Mark Laidlaw, the writer of first two Half-Life`s that left Valve last year.


Judging by his recent posts on Facebook, Erik Wolpaw has joined work on Psychonauts 2 what was confirmed by Kotaku in his research on the origins of the game. Valve with that in the last year lost significant members of its typewriters crew, so we only hope that they will not need them for some new important story, and to the writers we wish best of luck in future projects and we hope that they`ll once again make us happy with their imagination.

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I feel bad for Valve, but it will be interesting to see what he will bring to Psychonaughts.




Less chance for that HL3 now...


haha, nah


magic number three


dreams about Half-Life 3  R.I.P.




This Gaben...






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After Valve early last year the writer of the first two Half-Life left, now also writer of the Half-Life 2 episodes, Portal and Left 4 Dead games said goodbye.

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