Confirmed Burnout Paradise Remastered, is coming already next month

Confirmed Burnout Paradise Remastered, is coming already next month

It has been rumored about this for some time and it was only a question of when things would become official. Now everything is finally confirmed and we can say that Burnout Paradise Remastered arrives to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We'd love to see it on Switch, but that's how its beans have fell!

The remaster will contain all until now released DLC packages including Big Surf Island. The game will in the beginning have support for more powerful models of PS4 and XBO consoles and will turn in full 4K resolution. The console version will be available from March 16, and the PC version will be slightly late and there is no specific release date.

Subscribers of EA Access service will be able to play the first 10 hours without purchasing. The price of the game was not disclosed, but if its to believe the previous information (which were correct on the release date) - this remaster will be sold for 20 euros.

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I would have loved this on Switch


Nice. Waiting forward to it.

I don't play racing games, but this not bad.

Being a mortal is very complicated © Tyrael


Посмотрим что получится


Too good is looking forward to it


not bad at all, nice

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"


For a long time I did not play in the race, if there is a discount on the sale, I think it is worth buying


Nicee :)


Very good game, it will be necessary to play, that would be worth a little cheaper, I think it would be sold out


Is good to play again a good game with better visuals.


I liked the video very much. I think the game will be very popular.


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Electronic Arts invites us back to Paradise City through the remastered release of the praised Burnout Paradise. Here's what remaster brings and when we'll play it.

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