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Favorite dead game?

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Sad, I know. A lot of games have died over the years whether it just be a lack of a co-op community, a lack of PVP players over time or just a straight up shutdown of the servers because the publishers didn't want to deal with it anymore. What are your favorite dead games?

Mine personally is Paragon. How I miss that game and still resent Epic Games because of it.

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i don't know if there is a playerbase for this game, but probably way less than before, so i'd say : Killing Floor

Virtua Fighter 3


It was one of the best online competitive games ever made.

Blacklight Retribution.

I've spent hundreds hour on it during its peak year. The game slowly dies when they shutdown AUS server, left alone US server which far from my country.

Virtua Cop

Free Realms

Black Ops 3

CS 1.6. Game still has a few public servers but the 5v5 competitive scene has been completely dead since 2012.