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Can anyone recommend this for me ?

I need an MMO in my life I feel like I might have missed this ship on launch so wondering now 2019 is the game solid or will u hit a pay-to-play wall because it a F2P game? It Sounds good from what I have read and will watch some videos but yeah wondering if its dead / full of bots etc

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I looked forward to this for a couple of years after I heard about it. Since it was released, however, I played it (didn't grip me) and the P2W mechanics have turned off a lot of people from the game.

Its a beautiful game but kinda weird, give it a try

dont,just dont,the p2w and massive loss of community over the years and killed what could of been an amazing game,best mmo without a monthly sub at mo would be gw2 if you want traditional mmo still,its also f2p (with restrictions) so you can try and see if you like,i would rec buying the expansions cheap (they have sales frenquent enough) as you really will need them.

It`s not full of bots, actually there are a lot of returning players coming to the game, because it`s changed so much (in a good way). Give it a try, you will love it. :)