Stalker Online would finally come to Steam

  • 1997

That post-apocalyptic MMO that was announced several years ago and had its comings and goings in a legal dispute with another studio (apparently the issue has already been resolved), would reach steam by the end of this year. 


The game has the essence of its great single-player predecessor. Desolate landscapes, ruins, anomalies, mutants and installations. But it's going to have an extra, other players to deal with and not just NPCs.
In addition, players will gain experience and skills, upgrade weapons and can also customize them. There can also be an alliance of factions.

Stalker Online was revised and redesigned from the ground up and, although it has some more standard MMO-style stuff (like a 3rd-person perspective, not as immersive as an FPS), it can be good.
If you can't wait for it to come out in Steam, you have the possibility to test it in its beta phase, downloading the installer from here.

I'm sorry about my bad English, I used a translator, I hope it's understood.

...and it is my first post-news, so patience, I will correct my mistakes in future post.

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toxic player's are welcome ^^)  :/ btw i really hope it will be a PVE and not PVP game