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Where did my Silent Hill DLC key go?

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I've posted in another thread, but I'll ask again here for visibility (and if someone else has the same issue).

I won a Silent Hill DLC key from the daily quest tile puzzle.  I didn't take note of the code before accidentally clicking away from the page.  I can't seem to find where else my code would be shown.

Within My Account, I've checked both My Giveaway Keys and My Rewards; it's in neither of those.

On the left-side menu, I've also looked in Giveaways and Rewards; not there either.

Does anyone know where to find the code that I won?

Thank you in advance!

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Goto My Account and look on the right side under your profile pic and it wil say My Giveaway Keys ! Should be in that being mine is due to i just won it a few ago :) 


Click profile icon in top right corner - click apr booster - activate arp booster - scroll down to very bottom of rewards page - you should see your silent hill award.  Click it and it will show key

Mine is under My Rewards and My Giveaway Keys. If you scroll to the very bottom of My Rewards, there should be a Dead by Daylight - Silent Hill icon. Click it and it puts the code to the left at the top of the page. It's right at the top of My Giveaway Keys.


How did you guys get the DLC? I got the game, but I have no idea of how to get the DLC.

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

I've checked all your suggestions before posting about it, and I checked them again now.  Still nothing.

Anyways, it's probably useless now, since apparently all the keys for the base game were already given away.  I must've missed one of the five days.

I got the dlc, but not the base game.  the strange thing is that the dlc key does not appear in my rewards, it disappeared for no reason

rossoneri* said:

Guys, if someone has several Dead by Daylight keys, I could offer a DBD Silent Hill DLC key in exchange for Dead by Daylight.

Because I have no reason to keep this key, because without a game it is useless. But I would play the game with pleasure.

I have dead by daylight key wanna trade? but how we do this? I don't trade key frist and I can't send you pm message idk why

Harvey Dent said:

the strange thing is that the dlc key does not appear in my rewards, it disappeared for no reason

Did you ever find the DLC key?

I am in the same boat, however in my case i was going to give the key to a friend who absolutely loves the game.  I won it with the puzzle but don't know how to find it again, normally i will write down a key in a text file, but it appears i didn't and can't find it anywhere.  Can someone screenshot where the key is showing on their page because i don't see it?