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Smite Free Skin News!

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Smite News:

For those of you who do not know Alienware Arena offers free Smite skin keys! The first of which you can get at level one is the Ra Alienware skin that most people know about. However there are two more that I know of offered. The Violet Thor and the 2019 Cerberus keys. these confused me for a while because I wasn't sure how this site worked. The way it work is the higher you level up the better stuff you have access to. For the Thor skin you must be level 5 and for the Cerberus you must be above ten. The only problem with this is that it seems quite difficult to level up fast here. From what I have read if you make good content and log on everyday you will eventually earn enough. This article is for those people like me who have stumbled upon this place not really knowing what's going on and if you learned something or just want to help me in the pursuit of leveling to get this skin 


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you can always ask for one or wait for someone to make a thread giving away the skin. Welcome to the site and i hope you enjoy its content 

Dabug123212 said:


making a thread kindly asking can help or checking channels to see if some

one is giving away keys they no longer want