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How to Lower Keyboard Brighhtness?

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Most laptops have a FN option to changing keyboard brightness. I found a very basic brightness option in the alienware app, but it only has 3 options: dim, bright, and off. But the dim is still way too bright. is there any way to lower the brightness further without turning it off?

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-Looked in control panel, there is no backlight option.

-There is no Alienware AlienFX Editor on the hotbar arrow 

All of the alienware things were able to be updated through the Microsoft store app, so i looked there, but no alienFX apps. I just got this laptop delivered today. and trying to get all the settings set to my preferences and all the programs i need downloaded. 

Is there a certain place i have to go to get the editor?

Edit: I found a brightness setting in the command center, but ONLY for the lights on the ports in the back (and the logo); there is for some reason no slider for the keyboard (and can't change the power button color for some reason either).


Those are some good questions. My Alien didn't come with any instructions, either. indecision

Maybe this should be posted in Tech Support sub-forum.


In the command center under FX, I have 3 options, Normal, Go Dim And Go Dark, it seems to be working on all lights incuding keyboard