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How long does a gaming laptop last at max preformance?? Please guys come give input for laptop owners

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I have the new dell g7 15 7500 its very good temps are decent when I run CPU to its max I get high temps to 90 to 100 and dell said this is completely fine buts that's when I overclock it so I'll jus play with my 2.6ghz normally at 60C.

I was curious though how long does a gaming laptop last. I hear people say 2 years if your crazy and running it hardcore and I hear some saying 5 years if you change the thermal paste and clean the fans but I'm curious to know how long will a gaming laptop last if I run the CPU overclocked everyday with temps of 90 to 100C to its MAX


How long will a CPU last if I run it max and same with the gpu with temps of 90C on both gpu and CPU my guess is maybe 2 years I hope but for existing laptop owners please give me how long you had your laptop for ;D


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