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Any effective ways to get ARP?

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Hi I'm new to this site.

I just made my account to try to gain levels to claim the Street Fighter V key. Can any seasoned veterans give tips.



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Yeah I'm also in the same boat as you. Tips would be helpful!

Agreed. I think the only ways to gain levels is by getting upvotes and doing dailies/weeklies, right?


Besides doing daily quest and getting upvotes, and logging in Alienware daily, I don't know how low-level accounts can get ARP. I've heard that you must have a minimum level to make a News/Blog post. Anyway, good luck for everyone!

I think that SF V keys are no longer avaliable.
I also think that creating a number of alt accounts just for the purpose of upvoting your main one's posts is not a good idea in the long run ;-)
(just sayin')

Pretty much there is no way to get to level 20 in a short period as making junk post to try to get ARP will more then likely make you lose ARP for spam/down votes.