COD 2021 Leaks & Info

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The new Call Of Duty will be called 'Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard'. It is supposed to be set in "an alternate timeline where world war two never ended" (Source: . 


The new Call Of Duty game might not even release this year. There have been many rumors about the game being in such a terrible state that it might not be ready by the end of the year (But let's be honest, when has Activision really cared about the quality of its games on release.). There have also been some rumors that MW2 remastered's multiplayer will be the 2021 game instead of vanguard, however those rumors have less substance. Personally I believe that we will be getting a WW2 game this year based off of the leaks.

Sources: ( || ||

tldr; Game will be called Call Of Duty ww2 vanguard. Leaks say that the game is currently in shambles.


That's all of the info that we have so far on the game, I'll try to update this when new info comes up (If that's what you guys want.) This is my first or second post on the forum so make sure to leave feedback in the comments!

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