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At what time does the timer resets for the daily log in?

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Is it exactly every 24 hours or can i log in at any time during the day?

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Speaking for my own experience the day two for the daily login quest I was on at 12:30am EST and it counted for Tuesday. So my guess is 12:00am-11:59pm 

It's at a set time every day, I can't remember anymore with the daylight savings but the login resets 4 or 5 pm PST?

For daily quests, it's 9:00 pm PDT.

So yes you can log in any time in between resets.


Daily login (calendar) resets at 8pm Eastern U.S. (5pm Pacific)
Quests reset at Midnight Eastern U.S. (9pm Pacific)

Daily quests change at midnight U.S. Eastern time and changes with U.S. daylight saving time. (UTC -5 with DST off, UTC -4 with DST on)

Daily login resets at midnight UTC and does not change with local daylight saving time. In U.S. Eastern time that's 7 p.m. when DST is off and 8 p.m. when DST is on.