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AW2521H has high CPU usage

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I've got the Alienware AW2521H, I love it and it's exactly what I wanted in a monitor. One day however, I was looking at Task Manager and noticed a process called "AWCC.Background.Sever". It was using up about 10% of my CPU, which is as much as some of my graphically demanding games use..

I can just quit it everytime I boot up my PC and I believe I could disable it somehow too, I'm just wondering, does anyone know why it uses so many resources and what it does? Is there any benefit to leaving it active?


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AWCC is the Alienware Command Center application. Or in this case, the background process for that application. 10% CPU usage seems like to much. But that is relative to what CPU you have as well.

If it is a constant 10% I would check settings in that app, try and toggle off one thing at a time and see if it is a setting that cause this. Either that or uninstall AWCC. Which would be the last option either way. You can also try reinstalling AWCC.

But if all you use AWCC for is the monitor, I would uninstall this app to be honest. But if you got an Alienware computer as well, this app probably control certain functions. Then you may want to keep it running and continue searching for the root cause.