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Could a hard drive be causing PC not to boot?

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I've been having issues with my PC, where it won't boot unless I do a CMOS-Reset everytime.
Slowly running out of options, I suspect that maybe a hard drive I have plugged in (but never use) could be causing problems.

It doesn't make any weird sounds and seems to be in good shape, it's only a year old but I've never touched that thing- it might as well not be there.

Should I take it out? It's gonna be quite a hassle, as I might have to take out other parts like my GPU to be able to reach the cables.

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Maybe the CMOS battery??, my computer Alienware 15r2 is having similar issues, 1/50 boots, the hard drives won't boot, i just hard reset it and starts like nothing happened

This sounds like a desktop computer. All you have to do to eliminate the drive is to unplug the sata connector either from the drive or the motherboard. There is no need to physically remove the drive. Then you can see if that drive is the cause of your problem.