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m15 r1 Internal Display performance issues

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I have the m15 r1 - i7-9750h RTX 2060 1080p 240hz model - and have been scouring for answers on how to get equal performance on the internal display to the performance I get on an external monitor of the same resolution. I know external displays are directly connected to the GPU regardless if it's HDMI or DP, but if i'm getting 80 FPS on an external display, i'd expect to get somewhere close to that on the internal display as well, not the apalling lock at 20 FPS I get regardless of High or Low settings. This is while plugged in, in high performance power settings. Is the Intel adapter seriously that much of a bottleneck? I got this laptop in order to game away from home, or even in another room, without the hassle of cords and extra hardware to rely on. 

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I misread my own FPS, I was getting 12 FPS on the internal display, at low settings, in fallout 76 (not the hardest game to run, it's recommended to run at ultra in GFE) I was getting the same FPS with the same game on a 2012 M14x r2 with a gt650m. I would really like some assistance for this issue, or is the configuration I got cursed to require an external display?