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Alienware X17 - ALT key not working properly with Windows On-Screen Keyboard

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I have a new Alienware X17 R1 notebook (4K display, RTX-3070, 64GB XMP RAM, Cherry MX keyboard). I primarily bought the system for graphic design purposes, but also for some gaming too. There is a problem with how the ALT keys work on the keyboard. The ALT keys do not work like they should with the Windows On Screen Keyboard.

I frequently insert special characters such as fractions, accented letters, bullets, etc using four digit number codes while holding down the ALT key. The X17 doesn't have a physical number pad, so the on-screen keyboard is a fall-back option. I was accustomed to using that with my old Dell XPS notebook. With the X17 the ALT keys on its keyboard just don't work at all for inserting characters via ALT+ number codes.

If anyone here is familiar with the problem is there some kind of fix for it? I've considered buying an outboard Bluetooth number pad, but am concerned it may not even work properly for entering ALT codes.

Currently the only ways I can get the ALT+ number codes to work with the X17 is by either attaching an external keyboard or using one of the hot keys on a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. Neither option is acceptable in any kind of mobile situation. 

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Bumping the thread. I installed the new X17 firmware update to my new notebook yesterday evening. It added the MUX switch to allow Optimus to be turned off with the 4K 120Hz display. The option was previously unavailable. I was hoping the bug might fix the issue with special character ALT codes. But that issue is still present. I think there are issues with how the Wacom Intuos graphics tablet driver works with the X17; once in awhile I'll lose right-click functions with the pen. I either have to re-connect the tablet or re-boot to clear the issue. However I don't think the tablet is causing the conflict with ALT codes. I've tried using an ordinary mouse instead of the graphics tablet and ALT codes don't work at all with that setup. The ALT function on the Intuos tablet is presently the only way I can get ALT codes to work with the X17.