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Any opinion on the Guardians of the Galaxy game?

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The second new Marvel game is out and I've seen several streamers and gameplays on youtube, but I don't like something about the game, I find it boring and awkward with its controls.

I did not expect it but I like the Guardians of the Galaxy for its history, comics and the movie in mcu.

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It's good to have different opinions about something, but you can't be guided by just watching a Streamer or Youtuber, they might even have a preliminary version of the game so they can test it and create their content!

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A point to rescue for me is the music of the 80's that the game has.  coolyes

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PATD said:


A point to rescue for me is the music of the 80's that the game has.  coolyes

Yes! one point to save from that game are the classic songs of the 80s, those I could listen to all day long!!!! yes

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Your comments are accepted, but I really liked the game in everything, music, image, graphics, story, etc...cheeky

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I did like the game but not as much as wow but it is 7/10


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pretty good, it only took an hour but so far I really liked and graphically this wow

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A game made not only for fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but for fans of the Marvel universe in general, full of references to the franchise and general culture. Also the story itself is very entertaining.