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More Raid Options in the future for Laptops and Desktops

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Hi All,

I'm an Old System admin going back decades, while I have a Area51r2 that's been heavily modified, has anyone heard if Dell/Alienware is ever going to add in more Raid level options?

Sure we get Raid 0/1 but 5/10/50 all would be great options to have especially in the larger desktops and MSI already has Raid 5 for their newer laptops which is a godsend for NVmE drives, the performance loss no human can detect, also Dual GPU's on the laptops would be Icing on the cake.

So what are all your thoughts?


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Hi Phat,

If you want to play with those, you should consider picking up an actual RAID controller card.  The RAID offfered in consumer desktops is technically a "soft" RAID and only offers levels that are of (potental) interest to consumers.  The other ones are mostly just used in enterprise environments.  Personally, I avoid RAID on my systems, as it adds another level of complexity that could cause problems LOL.  Just the fact that folks can't decide on what the acronym actuallly means anymore is but one example.  Good luck!

Rich S.

If only I owned a Tardis.....
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LinkRS is right. I had the right stuff for a RAID on my last home built - turned into a living nightmare when the system decided to crash. What was supposed to be accessible ended up being blocked out. I will never bother with a RAID design again.