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X17R1, X17 R1.. Win11 freezes then cannot find boot media

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Environment: Dell X17R1 / 1.5.0 Bios / i9 / 3080 RTX 16GB / 64GB @ 3467 Mhz RAM / 4Tb 2x NVMe m.2 drives / Win11 Ent.

Symptoms: Once or twice a day I might be on the system working OR having locked the screen when the machine will completely freeze then crash to that Dell White screen trying to run the troubleshooting OR it will simply say "Boot Media Not Found".

Solution: As a temp fix, I simply shut the machine off after this occurs.. it will then bring up the white screen again saying "Boot Media Not Found" to which I shut the laptop down once more, bring it back up, it will at this point likely try to repair the OS but I just click "continue into Windows 11" then its fine.

What is going on here? Something on the OS causing the UEFI driver or boot media to temporarily kill itself from the BIOS until I shut it down completely (average of twice) then it works again? The laptop freezing and "Boot Media Not Found" issue seems to occur mostly when I lock the screen or sometimes after its shut down over night then either immediately upon starting up cold OR 1-2 hrs into using it from there it just stops responding eventually completely crashing to the White Dell Diagnostics screen. I'd understand if it just crashed the UEFI driver controlling the boot drive once from the OS so you just shut off the laptop then bring it up once then it would work but sometimes it needs a second shut off as even after a single cold shutdown it is not enough.

Note: I do have Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS (was defaulted to on when I got the lappy) + Bitlocker is enabled on the boot drive.

Thank you Community!

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Howdy Thudo,

Is version 1.5.0 the most recent version of the BIOS (firmware) for the X17 R1?  Windows 11 still has some teathing pains, so it is importatnt to keep up with updates, particularly critical ones like BIOS, video, chipset, and RAID (if applicable).  I assume based on your description, that you have two 2TB SSDs, are they configured as a 4 TB RAID array, or as two seperate drives?  If it is a RAID setting, you should make sure your chipset and Intel controller software is up-to-date.  You may need to go directly to Intel for updates to that.  Check the Dell support site first though.  I recommend this, even if you are NOT running a RAID setup, as it sounds like an issue with the SSD driver/controller.  Is there a reason you are running Windows 11 Enterprise, vices Home or Pro?  Bitlocker is still available for Windows 11 Pro.  Good luck!

Rich S.