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Game Review: "School"

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Hi fellow gamers.

Today I want to give my review on a long-time running LARP, called "School". You might even own it without knowing (but your parents will know...)

* A very realistic game
* Decisions have consequences
* Perfect highest resolution graphics in 3D optics
* Works with the least expensive kind of hardware, or even without a computer at all
* Experience is gained in a myriad of different skills, even the ones not taught in School at all
* Gaining friends has meaning
* Friends can only marginally cheat about their real appearance

* Big drawback: No save points at all - you have to play in one rush
* Decisions have (sometimes severe) consequences
* Playing is mandatory
* No pause function; you can miss events without being able to rewind
* Some topics taught are boring; no fast forward function available
* In some cases can be perceived as needlessly time-consuming
* Leveling not based on experience but merely time played; automatic level-up, only once per year
* Despite running for years, no graphics engine update
* New skins (aka "clothes") cost real money
* Only a few skills are listed in the yearly report; many skills are omitted and more seen as a side effect
* Only minor usable cheats known 

Despite some voices complaining that "School" is an outdated game concept (since this was played by our parents, grand-parents and who knows before) the experience gain is impressing in most cases. After finally finishing this game, the follow-up game "Adult Life" is much easier for most players of "School". 

What are your impressions about this game?
Do you feel it was worth playing (if you finished already) or would you like to skip some levels (if you're currently playing)?
Could you add some more pros and cons?

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Mods were lazy, I had to look up a bunch of guides just to get through the tutorial level. The server I was on used a Pay to Win method to gameplay.