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EFT favorite child of the CIS

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The game is cool, I've been playing for 2 years. My review is more of an appeal to the novice who caught fire to buy this masterpiece of the ardent 5 points. I will say this game with a very high entry threshold. If you think that you will come and throw everyone to the left and to the right, then I hasten to upset it is not so. The essence of the game is to loot, to leave the location, which is not very often compared to how you will die and burn with anger. The game at the beginning will not teach you anything, you will have to understand how to play it yourself. There is no map and you will have to study lactation yourself. Also, the system, everything that you take into the raid or find there, if you die, you will not get anything back and will not get it. Rats and traitors who will kill you a lot for a gre** flash drive. But if you are ready for suffering at first, then velkom tu tarkov friends)

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