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Would love if this shortcut returned

Fall Guy
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So before this update if you clicked on your avatar in the top right corner and clicked on the avatar again it would straight up bring you to change your avatar, badges, borders and cover image. Now if you do that it brings you to change your avatar only.

Would be nice if the shortcut of clicking the avatar would bring you to, instead of what it does now. So much easier to quickly do daily challenges if you get brought to the personilization like the daily challenge of today to change your border.

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so much this

just wanted to change borders for todays quest and rememebrr that it was announced that the avatar would be a link again like before.

but unfortunately it lonly leads to edit the avat and not to everything else.

even worse... there is no button or whatever on the page of the avatar editor that leads back to personalization.


Nice suggestion. I'll see that it gets logged in our suggestions of site improvements since our team is going through and adding some UX/UI updates to make the site easier to navigate post-ARP 6.0 update.


I agree that it's hard to get to things like badges, borders, and such. I cannot find where to change stuff sometimes and can only do some of the quests by clicking links people put in the forums.