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Improvement for distribution of game and in-game content keys - giveaways

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A while ago, I posted a thread of frustration reguarding how fast the Kingdom Wars 4 keys evaporated. So far, it seems there is a lot of frustration with how the giveaway program works.

After reading all the posts so far about the Kingdom Wars 4 game giveaway thread, these suggestions for a program change came up from the different people wh responded:

1 - 24 hour key pool for a designated qualification of members

Qualifications can include tier, activity on website, registered Alienware owner, etc. Any one of these or combination of these can be validated with a script. 

2 - Drop keys in batches at random times to give equal opportunities to beings in different time zones

The good - It gives beings a fair opportunities to get a key. Easy to do with a script.
The bad - the uncertainty of when the keys will drop, which is frustrating for members
The Ugly - Possible DDOS because of bots polling for keys, which can be prevented with website security programs.

3 - Go away from free giveaways with a lottery/drawing model for keys - first chance is for free.
     1. Set a period of time for a person to register for a chance at the keys
     2. "Sell" extra chances for for a certain amount of ARP, say like 20 ARP for each "extra chance"
     3. At the end of the registration conduct a random drawing for keys.

     For an example of how a lottery program for giveaways, check out how the Xbox Ambassadors program does their game giveaways.

4 - Make full game giveaways eligible for qualified members, using tier, activity, or registered Alienware owner, etc. status


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Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

I second your suggestion number three. Each member gets a fixed amount of tickets for free and can buy additional tickets with ARP:

- Amount of free tickets is correlated to tier: tier 5 members get five free tickets, tier 4 four free tickets and so on. This would reward   loyalty.

- Additional tickets can be bought for 50 ARP each: this would help in quantitative tightening of the current ARP inflation.

- A correlation between ARP and real world currency should be established and could be 100ARP=1US$ similar to Steam point shop. Game prizes have to be attractive: valuation of 1950 ARP for a game you can buy for 1$ is a bad joke.

- To make this work members with multiple accounts have to be purged consequently.

- Further thoughts on the market place: avatar accessoiries, badges and borders shouldn't be offered for rip-off ARP prices e.g. 450 ARP for a simplistically animated border. The majority of members doesn't care for the dress up game in it's current implementation and will not spend a lot of ARP on bling if they have a chance to get a game. This is compounded by the lackluster implementation e.g. scaling issues with specific items which still aren't ironed out months after starting this experiment.

Some things to consider:

1) Can the sponsor (game publisher?) of a giveaway demand requirements for the distribution of the keys?

For example, a giveaway is set for all ranks because a sponsor doesn't wish to exclude lower-ranking members.

2) What are the applicable laws concerning such promotions in each nation? Also, the USA is one nation, but some promotions will exclude certain states due to local laws.

For example, your "lottery" idea may fall under gambling regulations in some nations.


There is a member rewards group that I belong to which uses a drawing/lottery model for giveaways. It seems to work rather well, and all the legalities seem to be covered. If the person/people in charge of the AWA giveaways are interested, I can pm them some info.

The way that the other member rewards site does its drawings for giveaways is very similar to what hbarkas outlined.


To make this work members with multiple accounts have to be purged consequently.

After all these years there are too many bot accounts and it looks like AWA purge only obvious ones (john001, john002...) - I hope I'm wrong. Always weird to see weekly leaderboard with users who have a lot of ARP (without "user created content", but like ~1000 ARP each week)

To get rid of such cheating (multiple/bot accounts) AWA should restrict access to giveaway sections (Game vault and Giveaways), i.e. set the requirement of level of the Steam account (some sites set it to level 15) linked to AWA account and I think >50% user base will vanish.


There is a lot of buzz about not getting game keys now with the latest 5 day 11 Bit Studios give away.

Same Old Situation, Different Day. Again, the keys for the games dissappear quickly, then appear as give aways on streamer sites or for sale on other websites.

A thread, currently in the On Topic forum, has a lot of angst about give away proceedures, and even a few suggestions amoung the comments.

One suggestion is that the key has a limited claim time, and one being thought a 24 hour time limit.

Tier restrictions popped up in the comments too. Not that that would contain the multi accounts or bots.

Captura exercises were suggested, but using Captura probably costs real money, so that most likely is not an option.

My thought, since I am a lazy being, is:

1) Require having a linked Steam account to participate in the give aways.

2) Write a script to have the Alienware Arena website check that member's Steam Account library for the game that is being given away.

3) Finish the script to either return

     a) "You already have this game in your Steam account library. Thank you for participating in this give away" and not give away the key if the game was already part of the member's Steam library.

      b)  "xxxx game has been added to your Steam account library. Thank you for participating in this give away."  and redeem the code directly to the member's Steam account.

Unless the entrepreneurial multi account members are selling whole Steam accounts, this would make multi accounting and botting less lucrative. 




Corn380's post for a "Wheel of Fortune" is a solid suggestion too.


Just updating info from an active thread in the On Topic forum:

The comments have been piling up about the frustration with 11 Bit Studio promotion. One of the repeated suggestions is staggered drops. The other most suggested solution is more keys...

Come on guys, 10K of Battlestar Galactica keys gone in less than an hour, and if you follow the threads in On Topic forum, you can see a screenshot of those AWA give away keys being resold. Make keys available to only accounts with a valid linked Steam account and auto-redeem keys to the Steam account when giving them away.