Q&A With The Chant Developers


Q: The world is progressing thanks to new technology. But in The Chant, characters are on the island without modern enginery and barefoot. Why?

The Chant takes place on a spiritual retreat designed to focus on nature and personal awareness. The main character comes from the city, so this creates an added layer of unease and raw physicality that fits the theme of the game.

Q: Lighting is part of our life, part of modern hardware and  houses. The Chant is also full of color. There is Northern lights for example. Why this was important?

The Chant deals with the energy of the universe, so colour was important to the look, story, and gameplay. Each of the main characters you encounter has their own energetic aura and associated dimension with it.

Q: How long did storytellers prepare themselves to understand spiritualism, which is a big part of The Chant?

We spent a lot of time in pre-production studying spirituality. In addition to a lot off reading materials, we've taken reference trips, classes, and interviewed spiritual teachers.

Q: You promise a cosmic dread. Is it thanks to creatures or thanks to a combination of factors?

It's the overall story and atmosphere that we've created through audio, visuals, and gameplay. Most of the people have come to Glory Island to seek a spiritual awakening, but soon come to realize exploring the secrets of the universe should be handled with care.

Q: Players will be able enjoy a great audio, for example via Alienware headsets. What experience they can expect?

We've taken great care to craft a rich soundscape throughout the gameplay. Heavily influenced by cult horror movies from the 1970s, the score uses vintage analogue synthesizers and live instruments. There is also a lot of interactive audio that is tied to the supernatural events.

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