Exoprimal reveals release date, new trailer

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Exoprimal, the team-based sci-fi Dinosaur shooter from Capcom, has announced that Exoprimal will release on July 14th, 2023. The game will be available on day one through Game Pass.

The game is set in 2043 and stacks a team of five against hordes of dinosaurs and primordial mutant creatures that fall from rifts in the sky. (Let's keep our fingers crossed that Capcom isn’t predicting our future 20 years on.) The game utilizes PVP elements, with players needing to complete certain objectives (such as killing a certain number of dinosaurs in a horde) to continue progress as they fight against the clock and their enemy team. Then, it switches it up at the end of each match with players pitted against others in escort or point-capture missions.

To get a peek at everything that was revealed during the Capcom Spotlight, you can go to the official Capcom site and watch the full YouTube spotlight video or catch the highlights below. For those interested in the title further, you can check out the game’s open beta from March 15-19.

Do you think Exoprimal will be a success or a flop? What are your thoughts on Capcom’s decision to go full-hog with beasts as they commit to Monster Hunter and Dino Crisis? Let me know in the comments below!

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