Meta-Ghost: The Breaking Show Early Access Now Available

The Breaking Show has officially begun. In the cyberpunk metropolis of Celpolis, intelligent machines have long oppressed the living spaces of the underclass, leaving us jobless and desperate. Only you, the courageous "contestant" taking the stage, can prove to the world that humanity will not fail in this battle of willpower and wit. Whether you play solo or with a team, challenge powerful enemies, uncover the truth behind this competition, and hone your skills!

——"Rise up! Reclaim our dreams!"

The Early Access version of <Meta-Ghost: The Breaking Show> is priced at USD 17.99, and there will be a 10% discount for the initial launch, which will last for two weeks. According to our preliminary estimates, the Early Access phase of <Meta-Ghost: The Breaking Show> will last approximately 9-12 months. We will adjust the content based on community feedback and plan to complete some new game content according to our roadmap, which will be released later. Of course, due to the increase in game content and continuous operation optimization, the price of the official 1.0 version will increase to a certain extent compared to the Early Access version.

Early Access Version Content Includes:
    4 playable characters with unique fighting styles and personalities
    Single-player story mode difficulties 1-4: Qualifiers, Preliminaries, Eliminations, and Qualifying
    Team mode difficulties 1-5: New difficulties 3, 4, and 5 added, with a maximum heat value of 12 for difficulties 4 and 5
    New Drivers, Relics, and Random Events: Each brand's Drivers increased to 18, Fusion Drivers to 55 and Relics to 110, and more Random Events in the single-player Breaking Show mode to obtain these Drivers and Relics
    Upgraded Character Development system: Operating System and Weapon Customization have been balanced, and Prosthetics now have various features such as Enhancement, Scrap, Reset (refine secondary attributes), and Assembly (synthesize a specific set of Prosthetics), helping you get more satisfying loots
    New Machine Types: More new mechanical mobs and BOSSES await your challenge
    New "Live Streaming Room" system with two functions: ① Live Streaming Room Upgrade: where players in the Breaking Show can unlock difficulties and earn rewards by completing main storyline tasks ② Live Streaming Room Moments: An in-game social feature to display personal information, post their own updates, view other players' messages, and more

    Added Offline Game feature: Provides a completely offline mode for players who have unstable network environments or server fluctuations. However, to prevent piracy, players still need to perform an online verification when starting the game, and the progress of offline mode will be completely independent of online mode. We hope players can understand.

During this intense development rush, we have also made optimizations to game performance and servers. Based on the experience gained from the prologue version, we have optimized server-side code, fixed some bugs that could cause network congestion, and significantly improved performance in team mode due to synchronization volume optimization. Of course, the release of the Early Access version brings challenges to us, and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing if these results can be verified after a large number of players enter the server. As an online-enabled game, we will continue to focus on server maintenance and optimization in the future, and strive to provide players with the best possible gaming experience.

Finally, we would like to showcase a new Taisuke skin that comes co-branded with Alienware - Alien Walker. Here's a concept design image:

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