Alienware and GGTech Studios Unveil eWorlds: Exclusive Demo and Giveaway on Alienware Arena

Alienware has partnered with GGTech Studios to bring an exciting new gaming experience to life with their flagship 3D multiplayer platform game, eWorlds. This innovative collaboration will be showcased at Steam’s Next Fest from June 10-17, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in a world full of endless possibilities, puzzles, and mini-games. But that's not all—Alienware is offering our community an exclusive opportunity to dive into eWorlds before its public release.

Exclusive eWorlds Demo Access

Starting Monday, May 27th, we will be running a special giveaway on Alienware Arena. This giveaway will provide demo codes for eWorlds, granting our community the unique chance to play the game from May 27th—three days before its official demo release on May 30th. This early access is a fantastic opportunity for our dedicated fans to explore the game’s rich environments and experience its exciting gameplay ahead of the general public.

Early Access on Social Channels

In addition to the giveaway on Alienware Arena, we’re extending this exclusive access to our followers on social media. Check out our Alienware social channels for France and Germany, where followers can also snag demo keys for early access to eWorlds. Stay tuned to our posts and announcements for your chance to be among the first to experience this groundbreaking game.


Acknowledging GGTech Studios

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the developers at GGTech Studios who have worked tirelessly on this project. Their dedication has brought the Alienware Station and customized characters in eWorlds to life, providing an unparalleled gaming experience. This collaboration has resulted in a unique blend of Alienware’s high-performance technology and GGTech’s innovative game design, creating a world that promises to captivate players globally.

Join the Adventure

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this otherworldly journey. Visit Alienware Arena on May 27th to enter the giveaway, and follow our social channels for more opportunities to secure your demo code. Get ready to explore, compete, and socialize in the extraordinary world of eWorlds!

For more details about the collaboration and the upcoming events, visit the official announcement on GGTech Studios websites.

Don't forget to WISHLIST the game today. 

Stay tuned and happy gaming!

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I didn't see any announcement about the giveaway yesterday, so where should we be looking at?

Lonely hoarder

There is still keys left, they should have made this Tier 2.

The collaboration between Alienware and GGTech Studios sounds fantastic! I'm really looking forward to trying out eWorlds and exploring its puzzles and mini-games. The early access giveaway is a great opportunity for us to dive in before the official release. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the social media channels for a chance to snag a demo key. Huge thanks to GGTech Studios and Alienware for bringing this innovative game to life!