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Incorrect amount of Arp was awarded for community votes and/or other activities yesterday, Oct 26.

No Arp at all was awarded for daily quest and other activities today, Oct 27.

Please, fix asap.


Still experiencing problems with Arp accrual. No Arp awarded for daily  login and daily quest.

I was so happy to finally reach Level 30, but my profile now shows Level 0 :) (when i click on the logo in the top right corner). And i think ARP is delayed again, this is getting very annoying. And sometimes i have to send messages a few times before they are successfully posted.

ı actually agree that


I noob :)



I can't find out, how to organise forums by latest topic on top, not by latest reply?

Redirect after loggin stopped working, again. This was fixed a few weeks back, but this is the second day that it has happend this week.
- Every page. When I log in, it takes me back to the home page instead of the page I was before.
- Chromium, w7
- Fix it again.