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Account Settings

I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by using the “Forgot Your Password?” function located on the sign in page.  If you do not know the email address associated with your account, please contact us at contact@alienwarearena.com


I don’t know my username. What do I do?

Your username is listed at the top of your profile page and can be changed via the Account Settings page. You may use your email in lieu of your username to log in. If you do not know your account username or email, you’ll need to send an email to contact@alienwarearena.com. Please provide the full name on the account and the state/province/country associated with the account. 


How can I change my username and password?

You can change your username, and password by logging into Alienware Arena and going to your Account Settings  page. To change your location, please send an email to contact@alienwarearena.com.  


How do I change my email address?

You can update your email by visiting your Account Settings page.


I entered my date of birth incorrectly for my account. How can I change this?

To change your account’s date of birth, please contact us at contact@alienwarearena.com.


How do I change my profile avatar image?

  1. Go to your account’s "Avatar" page.
  2. Click your current profile image and select a previously approved avatar image, or upload a new one for approval.  Please allow 1- 2 business days for approval of a new image. 


Key Giveaways

It says a key was already assigned to me, but I don’t have it.

You can find the keys that have been assigned to your account on your account’s "Giveaway"  page.


If there are no more keys for a giveaway, how do I get one?

Key giveaways are extremely popular and often run out very quickly. When that happens, often it will be the end of that giveaway.  On occasion, another batch of keys will be put up for members. We will update the information on the giveaway page when that is the case.  Please read the giveaway text to find updates. Please do not contact us to obtain a key.  All available keys are on the website.


My key says it’s invalid.

Review the giveaway instructions on the left-hand side of the giveaway page.  (On the mobile site, instructions are listed underneath the giveaway description.) If you are still having issues after following the giveaway instructions, please contact us at contact@alienwarearena.com.

(NOTE: Not all giveaway keys are Steam client keys.)


Arena Rewards

What is Arena Rewards?

Arena Rewards is a free customer loyalty program that allows participants to earn ARP (see below) by participating and engaging in activities on the Alienware Arena website. Earning ARP will raise your level on Alienware Arena and entitle you to a variety of rewards as detailed below. 


What are Arena Rewards Points (“ARP”)?

When you participate in Alienware Arena, you earn Arena Rewards Points (“ARP”). You can track your accumulated ARP through the Arena Rewards page. Earning ARP will raise your level on Alienware Arena and entitle you to a variety of rewards.

ARP can be tracked on your ARP Status Indicator (“ASI”) which displays ARP by category as well as daily, weekly and monthly results.


How do I earn ARP?

Being active on the site will always present opportunities for earning ARP.

  • Quests
    • By participating in daily and weekly Quests, you may gain ARP over time.  Quests consist of short, interactive games that have a chance of rewarding up to 100 ARP per Quest.
  • Voting on Member Content
    • Earn 1 ARP for every 5 votes (upvoting or downvoting). Voting helps curate the content on the site by rewarding members who contribute good content. Votes may affect a member’s Community Gain, and may result in rewarding that member with additional ARP.
  • Consecutive Logins
    • Earn 1 ARP multiplied by the number of consecutive days you log into Alienware Arena, up to a maximum of 10 days, at which point the counter will reset to 0 (day 1 = 1 ARP, day 2 = 2 ARP, day 3 = 3 ARP, etc.). 
  • Community Gain (“CG”)
    • Every post (video, image, thread, news or other posts, except for replies) has a hidden behind-the-scenes CG score.
    • CG is affected by other members voting on your posts.  As your post’s CG raises (based on the net from upvotes and downvotes), you will gain additional ARP.  
    • Members with higher ARP Levels, affect CG greater than lower ARP Levels.
    • CG scores and voting values are not publicly viewable.
    • The number viewable on each post shows the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes, not the post’s hidden CG score.
    • If a post’s CG score drops below a certain threshold (based on the number of downvotes), the post will be automatically hidden and marked for review. If it is subsequently removed by an admin because it violates the TOS (such as SPAM, offensive, discriminatory, etc.), the following ARP deductions will occur.
      • Loss of all ARP gained from the post.
      • Loss of an additional 10 ARP.
      • Loss of 1 ARP for any member who upvoted the removed post.


What are ARP Levels and Tiers?

There are 30 ARP Levels divided into six Tiers: Noob, Casual, Enthusiast, Veteran, Hardcore and Elite. Gaining new ARP Levels and reaching new tiers will unlock new rewards and perks to use on the site. For more information on available perks and rewards, visit the Rewards Page.


What are Master Levels?

There are 5 Master Levels on Alienware Arena: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Interstellar. Each time you reach the maximum ARP Level, by earning 500 ARP, the following will happen: (a) you will be granted access to your next available Master Level; (b) your ARP Level will reset back to 0 and (c) you will begin another journey toward the next available Master Level (if any).    However, you will retain all current perks and rewards already earned and be able to select new rewards at each tier.  Upon completion of all Tiers and Master Levels, you will no longer be able to claim more rewards, though you will continue to accumulate ARP for fun.


How do I claim Arena Rewards?

Digital rewards are automatically applied to your Alienware Arena account after you reach the required level.  View your rewards here

United States Residents Only:  Members residing within the United States (excluding Puerto Rico, Guam, and other U.S. territories and protectorates) who are at least 18 years of age can select 1 of 5 different rewards per Tier and choose an additional reward per Tier for each Master Level earned.  When a member reaches the next Tier, they will be prompted on the rewards page to select a reward. 

Redemption of some rewards require that:

  • You are or become a Dell Rewards member before you can redeem it, and/or
  • You provide a shipping address.


Why are some Arena Rewards only available in the United States?

Currently, our distribution can only ship to members located in the United States


I have a suggestion for Arena Rewards.  Who do I send it to?

All site suggestions should be posted in the “Suggestions” forum.


Why did I lose ARP?

You will see your ARP balance decrease if an image, video, group, comment, or event you added/created was removed. Content is removed when it is deemed inappropriate by an admin or moderator.  Members will lose all ARP gained on the post when it is removed.  Posts that do not follow the Alienware Arena Terms of Service (such as spam or posts that are offensive, discriminatory, etc.) will result in an additional loss of 10 ARP per removal, and the possibility of being banned from the site. 


What are Dell Rewards?

Dell Rewards (“DR”) are redeemable toward purchases directly from Dell, including Alienware, and may be provided to Alienware Arena members from time to time as a game prize, Tier reward, or randomly as a benefit of community engagement.  Rewards expire 90 days from the issue date. ARP cannot be directly redeemed for a DA reward.

To use your Dell Rewards, you must be or become a Dell Rewards Loyalty Rewards Member.   Dell Rewards is Dell’s free Loyalty Program for US consumer customers. Alienware Arena members enrolled after 10/19 are automatically enrolled in Dell Rewards; customers who are not enrolled but wish to be can sign up at Dell.com/rewards and click “register now” to create a My Account and register for rewards. When you join Alienware Arena you are automatically enrolled in Dell Rewards, and when you purchase items directly from Dell as a member, you’ll enjoy free expedited delivery on eligible purchases, and Dell Rewards worth up to 3% of your paid purchase (excludes taxes and shipping), plus up to an additional 3% back on purchases financed with a Dell Preferred Account, which is redeemable toward future purchases.  To join, visit Dell.com/rewards and click “register now” to create a new My Account and register for rewards.  Once issued by Alienware Arena, your Dell Rewards should be available in your DR account within 90 days. Visit Dell.com to Learn More.


Other Questions

I want my team/event to be sponsored by Alienware Arena.  Who do I contact?

Alienware Arena does not sponsor players, teams, events or multi-gaming organizations. Alienware supports the community through key giveaways, free to play competitions and Alienware Arena.


I am having an issue with my Alienware / Dell computer. How do I receive support?

Alienware Arena members can assist you with issues with Alienware/Dell products in the Technical Support Forum. If you are unable to resolve your issue on the forums, you can get support on www.dell.com/support.  To contact the Alienware/Dell support team, please visit www.dell.com/contactdell.


I have a question about buying an Alienware / Dell computer. Who do I contact?

This varies by country. For Alienware and Dell contact information, visit www.alienware.com or www.dell.com. From there, select the country where you reside if it is not already selected for you.


I would like to be an Alienware / Dell partner or reseller. Who do I contact?

You can become a Dell reseller through this page.


I don’t want to be a Dell Rewards Member. Can I opt-out?

Dell Rewards membership is now included as a benefit of Alienware Arena membership for new members who enrolled after 10/22. If you do not wish to receive the benefits of being a DR member, you will need to cancel your Alienware Arena account.



I need some extra help.  How do I reach you?

If the FAQ doesn’t provide you with a solution to your problem, you can email us at contact@alienwarearena.com. Please note that Alienware Arena is run and operated in English and we will be better able to provide you support in English.