Anyone else notice since the update bringing this abomination a “forum”, that the 7 day streak is not functioning. it’ll just show that I got that base ARP even though you’ve logged in every day ? Sometimes I will get the weekly streak ARP for like 4-5 logins but then the 6th login will just reset my streak and sometimes the streak won’t start up counting again for multiple days, then starts counting accurately for a handful of days, only to not detect a day for no reason
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The first alien who leaves me a nice message, a friendly greeting, or tells me a story that makes me smile will receive the key from me in a private message.

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strafield, rdr2 or cyberpunk? i have them all installed but cant decide which to play
For steam quests, when you launch the game through the browser, do I need to keep the browser opened for the progress to register propperly? Or can i close it?
Steam quests not working again for me, any way to fix it?
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Vult Vault
some games from steam are not detected in my library, but they are there, i can see them lol

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[PSA] Steam Dinos vs. Robots Fest - 2 Animated Avatars + 1 Animated Sticker
Steam quest, last week i couldnt do Team fortress 2, now it isnt letting me start warframe... and bruh i have hundrends of hours in warframe.... is this a bug or can someone help me with this? Cause if not ill lose 50 ARP due to a bug...

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I can't do the mission in the game of choice.
someone can help me.
The community unlocked "The Finals" border but I have not received it. I have 29 hours into the event and it is supposed to be unlocked but I do not have it in the inventory. Does anyone else experience this issue?

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Choose you own game, I chose Warframe.
Played a while and went out.
Came back and tried to start the Warframe weekly quest, but Alienware is sure I don't own the game.
Already unliked Steam and re-linked, no change.
Any ideas?
Just to check, someone level raises with lifetime ARP right? Like, I can spend my current ARP and its no problem?
Friendly reminder to run up your hours on that community event for "The Finals". 38k at the moment, and 50k gets us all an artifact.
What even is the point of the search feature? It doesn't seem to do anything.


6 hours later, still waiting for steam quests to acknowledge completion... im so sick of this russian roulette with playtime detection. Fix it ! As expected, 15h later, still not detected, 2 quests wasted. Thanks for nothing devs.
What are the fragments used for?
And where do they show up?
still new to this

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Thief celebrates its 10th anniversary of releasing on February 25th, 2014. A tribute way, I made an amazeballs, yet powerful animation. Happy Birthday, Garrett...! Wait, an my ARP? Guys, did you see who stole my ARP? Jeez, these thieves 😡.


Thx for participating previous poll! 😃
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So upcoming changes.


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What is the "OUR APOLOGIES" quest?
Hello world
I'm having a lot of fun with Islands of Insight. Such a nice surprise for an obtainable vault item.
Changed artifacts back fros store set to Twitch, but noone to watch for an hour( Losing 32 ARP( We definitely need reduced swap cooldown. At least 12 hours.