The Total Tier Tabulation of Total War

The Total Tier Tabulation of Total War

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Total War, the game consists of two broad areas of gameplay: a turn-based campaign map that allows the user to move armies across provinces, control agents, diplomacy, religion, and other tasks needed to run their faction, and a real-time battlefield, where the player directs the land battles and sieges that occur. 




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Total War: Rome II


Attila is the best thing to happen to Total War in a decade


I've been surprised over the years that they never came up with an American Civil War version of Total War. Not even an expansion to Empire or Napoleon, as that's the general type of combat that would be involved.


Attila was good, and fixed many mistakes from Rome 2. However I still don't get the classical Total War feeling I got from Shogun 2


For someone relatively new to the series I quite enjoy Attila!


Total War: Warhammer is a fresh view for the series!


Personally I like Empire Total War and Total War II Shogun, then again those are the only ones I owned from the TW series. Heh.


Honestly, most of the negative feedback for attila is the DLC model. They ignore that the base game was already priced low accordingly. Anyway, I still waited for all of them to go on sale before buying them except for blood and charlemagne expansion since I wanted to play them right away. Funny thing, I got all the faction DLC but i still never play any of them.

Pero Peric

Total War: Warhammer


Total War: Rome II


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