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Well... At least I tried it.

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Hi Lofi here!

So, I finally got around to trying the Alienware Academy Test Beta's "test server". After sitting through the Twistzz Academy tutorial and learning nothing. (I'm not new to CS :p; still bad aim though.) I got around to the TEST SERVER SECTION!!! UwU.

Quick ad:
"Hey there! Yeah you, wanna be good like me? Yeah you do! Try the Alienware Academy Beta or yourself!"

Anyways, I'm South African and there are only NA servers. So 250ms ping FTW. (A nice little Negative)
There are 3 Difficulties for the 1 game mode. Yea, only 1 game mode. (YPrac still better atm, some improvement to be done.)
And the experience is still playable without the Tobii Eye Tracking Hardware but certainly not as immersive, as to be expected since it was designed around the use of the Tobii Eye Tracking Hardware for training. 

Personally I would have liked some incentive for doing well (of even just participating) in the AWAB. Like a badge or at least some ARP xp. But that's just me, if you learnt anything in the very limited course then you already profited.

All in all, I rate 3.5/5.       Follow this TOPIC and get ready! I'll be releasing some exiting stuff here in the future! 



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nice job

I will take a look