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What do you prefer more desktops or laptops

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What do you prefer I would prefer a desktop

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I would prefer a desktop too because I think it's easier for multitasking because it has bigger screen. 

Desktop all the way. I have a laptop but only for academic / work purposes.

Desktop is the way.

I always build my own computers. that way you can customize the computer to fit your requirements perfectly.

And you can upgrade it later on if needed.



I prefer desktop for gaming, laptop for portable heater (when gaming)

I prefer a desktop. Generally, desktops are usually more powerful and have more options for upgrading. The majority of my time online is gaming related, so a desktop suits my needs best.

I'm a money-worth kind of guy, even if budget is not an issue, I've been always taught to know the worth of a product by understanding the price by quality.

Laptops are more expensive with lower spec compared to Desktops with the same price. The convenience of mobile gaming only happens if I'm going on a vacation which happens once or twice a year, so the incentive of buying a gaming laptop is not. If I were to have to buy a laptop for mobile use, it would never cost more than $400.

I like desktops because everything is much more customizable and you can get better performance at a lower cost, but laptops are good if you have less space or don't have a dedicated desk for your pc. It's also better to have a laptop if you travel a lot because you can take it with you.

Desktop is beter in every possible way, except for mobility... so pc for gaming at home and laptop for gaming out of home ^^