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R12 Ram issues?

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Did a quick search and didn't see anything here, so wanted to make a post.


There's a huge issue apparently with the R12 line and throttling ram performance?

This reddit thread pretty much covers it all - (had to delete the link because the forums here deleted it as spam.  search the Alienware reddit for r12 ram issues and there's tons of info)


Dell rep said in the dell forum that is by design so the mobo can run 3400mhz ram, but it’s locked the 1:2 multiplier. So the RAM latency is about as slow as 1600mhz ram. So everyone we bought the R12 is kinda *. It’s running 25-30% slower than it’s spec. You won’t find a game utilize more than 60% of cpu or GPU. Because the RAM can’t process everything." This is from a redditor, I did not verify source.


I own an R11 with the 10th gen i7 and 3080, now purchased an r12 with the 3080 and 11th gen i7.   I do not feel confident that the R12 is going to be any faster.

I cannot get dell chat to acknowledge this is a known issue and give any feedback.  What is everyone's experience so far?

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Interesting post, probably you can verify with dell support also.

I think the performance boost is probably not going to be noticeable in games. Maybe in other process like renders??