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M15 R5 Ryzen Edition AWCC

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I have unboxed and started setting up the M15 R5 yesterday and everything was going smoothly, including BIOS update, Alienware update app and whatnot. The moment AWCC gets updated to v5.3.2.0 (A00) and the AWCC components with it, my keyboard light and everything that is controlled by AWCC is gone. 

Now I have been trying to get it fixed following various methods starting with Alienware's own YT videos on how to uninstall and re-install the software properly, downgrading to v5.2.115.0 and so on, To No Avail. I also tried re-installing AWCC from Dell and then from windows app store but have got only two scenarios - 

1. If I install AWCC from Dell & it download AWCC components then it won't run at all saying "Service Running Required" and gets stuck at dotty circles forever. 

2. If I install AWCC from windows app store it will not enable FX tab after everything is completed. 

What can I do to solve it? Dell chat does not help at all. Thanks for reading and any input.

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