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What is the most "Real Character" you saw in video games

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Question explains it all, what was the most living breathing character you encounter in games? It'll probably be from a RPG genre but it's always good to hear such characters. Mine is Garrus from Mass Effect, I can say he's a bro of mine that I genuinely care about. I can understand his opinions and in some sense i say "Garrus would have loughed at this". It's really good and enticing when they put in effort to make the other characters more real and empathic.

Whats yours?


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I love Garrus, one of my top ride-or-die ME characters. Mordin is another character from that series that I wish I could talk to, I loved the way he was written + wish Shepard had a more open mind when talking to him. I really like the way they wrote Varric Tethras in Dragon Age across multiple games and the way that he evolved+his reaction to certain situations. A perfect rogue character with a heart of gold beneath the sarcasm.

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Yeah Mordin :( I feel like him most of the time dealing with regular people. Someone else might've gotten it wrong...

I only finished DA Origins, so I can't say for every game but it was still good times when Bioware still hadn't get infected with EA :( They were really good at writing back then. Both storywise and characterwise. I hope they'll be more independent in their next games. I really liked their games.

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I'd probably say Ellie from The Last of Us.  I've never been one to get emotionally attached to game characters, but Ellie was probably one of the most genuinely likeable characters I've spent time with in any game.  I'm not a father - in fact, I actually really dislike (most) children - but I felt a genuine connection to Joel's motivations and actions, because over the course of the game, Ellie became a character I cared about, wanted to protect, and...yeah, I would've done the same things Joel did.  And it was absolutely heartbreaking to see how the events in the game, the things that poor kid went through, changed her by the end.  (I still have played The Last of Us Part II because I don't think I really want to see where things went after the events of the first game.  And I'm squarely in the camp of people who believed that game didn't need a sequel, prequel, or anything more than what we got with the first game.)

If only I owned a Tardis.....
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I'm going back in time. The Nameless One from Planescape Torment. The dialogue lines and work to uncover who he was made it extremely dynamic. Finding out how certain characters would influence him, especially his special ghost lady friend - the love was there. One could almost feel the emotional pain he went through during the adventure. Still a classic.