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Granny got a heart transplant ... and underwent plastic surgery

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven
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Of course I'm not talking about my granny but of TES II Daggerfall ported to the Unity engine and remastered via the D.R.E.A.M. mod.

Bethesda Softworks graciously made TES I Arena and TES II Daggerfall available for free years ago. I tried  original Daggerfall running in DOSBox but couldn't get into it because of the clunky controls and well let's face it outdated graphics.

This changed as I became aware of Daggerfall Unity(DFU) a project porting the game to the Unity engine which allows extensive modding of the game if you are so inclined. DFU changes the game from this

to this


I contented myself with the basic DFU port modded only with D.R.E.A.M. to not to stray too far from the original game.

If you have played one or more of the Elder Scrolls games you'll notice Daggerfall's far larger scope in terms of map size, NPCs, factions, game mechanics etc. I won't go into details just watch a vid on YT(I recommend e.g. Zaric Zhakaron's insights on Daggerfall). Suffice it to say you've got nearly limitless possibilities to create your character and game mechanics involve a fully realised banking system, factions will demote you in rank if you don't do a quest for them for too long and the list goes on and on.

Biggest downsides: due to the technology available at the time(1996) the game relies heavily on procedural generation. We are speaking of a map the size of Great Britain compared to the 15 square kilometers of Skyrim. It really gets annoying in the large and complex dungeons although the map is largely improved compared to the original game(play around with the function keys a bit(F2,F3,F4).

I'll rest my case here. Watch a playthrough or game showcase to see why I recommend playing DFU in 2021.

Where to get

1. Download (external Google Drive link). Unzip this somewhere like C:\Games\Daggerfall (or wherever is most appropriate on your platform).

2. Download the latest stable release of DFU for your OS (unzip to another folder not the Daggerfall folder and run setup)

3. Register for a free Nexus account and download and install D.R.E.A.M. either manually or via Vortex mod manager.

Happy questing and wealth beyond measure ...



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If only I owned a Tardis.....
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OMG - I am pumped. So long since playing the game. Will definitely be pulling this together. Thank you for the info.smiley

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Got hooked up by your "misleading" title, but the article sure reflects the content. BTW, will Todd see this and decide to focus on this, rather than releasing Elder Scrolls VI? Hope not.