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What games do you want to see for Steam Quests?

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Hey everyone!

I've had a few users either DM me or post on the threads suggesting games for the Steam quests. I decided I'll go ahead and try to make a list of some user-suggested games to throw into the rotation as we get new Steam games added. I really want to try and make sure that I implement (when and where I can) the feedback I see from forums.

Just some notes and house-cleaning items to list:

  • We don't support EGS,, or other platforms. Steam only, and no "I wish..." type posts, please. We're working on the Steam quests and some exciting community opportunities that I think will make members happy. We're also actively fixing some latest bugs with Steam App IDs not lining up and some folks not getting their cookies for hours. They're logged, noted, and being looked into.
  • Don't suggest a game you wouldn't let a 5th grader play. Nothing lewd, nothing extremely graphic, you get it. 
  • Suggesting a game isn't a guarantee that we'll use it. We'll check it out, check out the ratings, and go from there.

So, with that out of the way...

What kind of games are you looking to see+play in our Steam Quests?

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I think it would be fun to do some multiplayer games where (via forum post?), AWA members can play with or against each other. Just as an example, Among Us with a handful of room codes in a forum post only accessible to members.


I'd also like to see the Steam quests working with ARP boosters again, and maybe get the extra points for the two games I did today, but I'm sure you'll sort that out in due time.

"Interstellar!" - Grig, The Last Starfighter

Whilst I agree that F2P would give most users a chance to earn, I don't see a problem with reasonably-priced games. When titles that cost £30-50 to buy pop up,  it's really for those who already had them as the cost is too much for curiosity.

How about tying it into sales or offers? There are enough of those on Steam.

Or how about looking back at previous Giveaways, to see how successful the takeup has been?

PvP/PvE/Battle Royale titles appear a lot, as do platformers. How about simulators? Proper ones, not just point'n'click games with 'sim' somewhere in the title. Or driving games? 5th-graders don't just like Mario Kart or getting their parents to buy GTA V for them! BTW, FPS like Valorant have been on the list, so are we really talking 5th grade here, or one if the low-mid teens PEGI grades?



Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



Don't Starve Together

SteamWorld Heist


good topic, thanks @ieve97

What about Gwent, i can't remember, if we already had it, but it's F2P, has good ratings and as a CCG is different to the usual choices

or Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, which is a bit similar to Gwent mixed with RPG and is 70% off till May 2nd

Core Keeper as the recent quite popular Indie Game

and if you want to put some effort into it and provide cheap paid choices, you can choose some games from the Humble Choice monthly bundle

Shakes and Fidget, F2P, good rating, sorta RPG strategy game

Fallout Shelter, i wonder why we never had that one

Stacklands, cheap game, strategy card game, looks interesting

Unpacking, Vampire Survivors, Valheim idk if we already had them, but they were quite popular indie games

Stardew Valley, i don't think this needs any explanation

Project Zomboid, quite popular considering the game is several years old, place 35 topseller on Steam

Lumencraft, as a new cheap indie game, which looks quite interesting

Order of Battle: World War II, base game is free, classic turn and hex based strategy game, like Panzer General

Mist Legacy, F2P, i enjoyed it quite a lot, pretty chill game and feels a bit like a classic pen&paper RPG where a story is told, mixed reviews only because of pay options