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cant take POLE game because im from poland

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its racist,i have over 7 years account and still dont  take many keys because alienware blocked polish IP ! Tell my why you bloked pl ip ??

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I think AWA blocked Poland from giveaways for ever. It's been like this for months. I kinda regret waisting my time here.

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

I'm very sad Polish members can't enter giveaways as they are from a great nation deserving better treatment. Its not racist though you can't be racist against people who are the same as any other Europeans and you can't be racist against ip numbers or numbers at all.


In the US and the page just says "You are not allowed access to this content.". The other giveaways have worked for me.

Giveaways are also directed by a Donor. Is it AWA or the sponsor restricting it. If it is the sponsor then all Polish persons should boycot product, then contact Zeda on planet UB40 to feel better.

My office does not support these staements.

Doing the impossible for the ungrateful, frequently.

Three letters or words - VPN?

Not a universal solution, but helps in most places.

sceptical1960 said: 16h

Three letters or words - VPN?

Not a universal solution, but helps in most places.

Also a three letters word that comes with a risk of using VPN - BAN

They ban Europe and probably all vpns. Alienware are racists. I've been here for many years as well, but for half a year or more it has been pointless since we can't take part in any giveaway. Why is there an EU version of this website then? "Out of keys" is displayed in Europe but at the same time in the US version keys are but impossible to get because the site blocks vpn.