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Alienware Arena Vault Tips

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I think it would be a good idea if Alienware could directly add the keys from the Vault giveaways to the accounts.

I wanted to get a key for "The Chant" and it was gone SO fast. Now I see over 100 people trading it (some have more than one copy) and many more reselling the key. It's unfair to those who saved up, leveled up and completed quests to try to get something.

At least do something to prevent these bot accounts. The game doesn't even end up being played, just going through deals and offers from other resellers. 

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yeah i agree 

i missed this again wanted to redeem chant

all this leveling up and doing challenges wasted my time i think

i loved doing steam quests though


You have to be exactly on time when vault opens to have a chance at getting a key, yes when it does open it tends to get a error backend unhealthy and web page doesn't load, if you think about it a lot of people thousands are trying to get a key, also i'm sure bots are in it too, i tested it today, it lasted for me around 2-3 minutes until the page loaded for me, but i kept refreshing and the game vault page loaded, i saw the claimed games, i could have claim any of the 4 games, but unfortunately i am only Tier 1, i really wanted Scorn, maybe next month i might get lucky, if you read the November Game Vault post some people got the game they wanted, you just have to be very consistent when vault is about to open.


when the page finally loaded for me, it loaded with construction simulator out of stock! 


Got page loaded 3 times with 1-2 mins interval, but every time "claim" button dont work. Got my game at xx:08 when Construct was out of stock.

Any tips of getting, you just must be lucky to be someone, to who site will load and work correct)



this is the third time for me. grinding ARP feels pointless to me now because of this reason.


The system, as it is now, does feel like it's providing people with keys for trading. It's a shame that we can't get some form of click button to activate on steam so eliminate key codes.

Yeah, I do agree with that, it would at least to some extent prevent people botting / alting, and more actual users would get a chance to get a game for themselves. I was lucky enough to grab The Chant, and it went ouf of stock when I refreshed again. Out of all people I talked with, max 5/6 of them got what they wanted :c

Perhaps price increase was supposed to be against bots/alts, but it makes it equally harder for normal users to get games.

Since we already have steam account connected, redirecting to insta-redeem on account shouldn't be too much of a problem, there's already sites that do that, even smaller indie games



Think many people have raised the issue of bots / keys trading..

Agree with the proposed solution - Just link the keys to steam account andddd problem solved..  

For those who complained that they don't want to play the game, pls don't bother to redeem it in the first place,