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Are all forums listed ? Cause clicking on 'Header Type Forum' doesn't open a new page... aka, I feel like I only see latest updated threads..

And among em, nowhere can't I see the Cosplay one that I was used to check on a daily basis... disapeared ? bug ?

Daily Quest link has a typo in it.

Currently it points to javscript:void(0); 

Instead it should be javascript:void(0);

Daily quest "play area" not fully displaying. It stops at the bottom of the "box" in the "play area". I have to close it using the "X" at the top right of the screen ( no scroll option ). Using Chrome 64 and 2560x1440 resolution.

Not some bug list, but I really think your team need to read that too:

These new design is probably hated by everyone. Maybe correcting the bugs will not be enough...

Rewards page shows the wrong points but on the Profile page it shows the correct points   Internting images into the post also will not work for me I guess

503's everywhere. Rewards, forum pages, ... Here're two examples:


Both give out this error: Error 503 - first byte timeout

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.158 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/2.5.1525.43

Bugs everywhere.

Using the inspector I found this. It might help fixing this kind of issue:
width: 950px; min-height: 500px;

Three reports/feedback:

The new background may make it hard to see hyperlinked text.

Steps to reproduce: Find any post with a hyperlink, scroll it down a bit so that the link is in the upper part of the screen. Grey background makes it difficult to parse the text in the link, due to similar saturation and luminosity.

Any browser should do, tested on Firefox.

Workarounds: user scrolling a bit to place the link in a higher contrast area. However, proposed solution is to drop gradients, they are really passe.

WuiMEN1.pngURL text less visible on new background

Inserting an image in end position makes it impossible to place cursor after the image

Discovered while making this post.

Steps to reproduce: make a post, insert an image with the cursor in the end position. Afterwards, it is not possible to place the cursor in the end position (after the image). It works normally if the image is inserted in the middle part of the post.

Browser: Firefox 

Low information density of the redesign + missing level numbers within badges

In general, the redesign fell victim to the so popular trend of lowering information density, making everything larger and more spaced with no real reason, starting from the post header, to the overall layout of threads, which are now confined to cca 60% of horizontal space in the screen, mostly due to the sidebar navigation to forums, which is visible (and therefore usable and useful) at the top of the page. Even if it scrolled down with you (showing all the time on the left), it saves exactly 1 click for a huge cost of screen estate.

In addition, level numbers are not shown within badges as they used to.

Steps to reproduce: go to any comment. Poster's level number is not visible within his level badge

Browser: Firefox

Ssr8woM.pngexample of low information density and wasted sidespace + missing level number

Timeouts galore! Is your CDN set up properly? Yes, on the homepage!