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  1. Issue: The notification popup is overlapped with the "create a new topic"or/and "Video" button
  2. Where: everywhere, video section, threads in forums, etc.
  3. Chrome 76
  4. No Workarounds yet


Don't like the new profile

I am gonna be slightly negative here.
Gotta say, the new redesign looks really ugly and overly complicated, which is weird considering there are removed features. Is there perhaps a desktop version on the way? The old site was significantly easier to navigate. This gradient thing is kinda outdated, perhaps it's just my not my taste,  but I feel like some stuff is missing.

For example this page:

Is it meant to look this empty and lifeless, or is this a bug and some graphics are missing?

Chrome (64bit) 76.0.3809.100
Deleted cookies, still the same.


Mitsuko Miyazumi said: 

  1. Issue: There is no option to go to the 2nd, 3rd, and etc. page of a topic. The only way is to scroll up to the beginning of the topic, 

Thanks, friend - came here to post this.

The cardinal sin of thread navigation - having to scroll back to the top (or worse, somewhere up the page, not necessarily the top) to navigate to the next page!


Sunfire- said: 

  1. I think I'm missing a week's or two worth of ARP. I was at 2900-something, a bit less than 100 away from Elite tier. After the redesign, I'm down to 2758. Did anyone else get rolled back?
  3. Google Chrome (64-bit) v76.0.3809.100
  4. No workarounds. Tried to delete cookies and reset cache, though. Even tried incognito log in to see if it would refresh.

Not sure how to edit my original post, but a follow up. Clicking on 'My Profile' using the navigation bar (drop down menu on the top left), links me to my profile that says my ARP is at 2918. However, clicking on 'Rewards' or clicking on my avatar (top right) shows a different profile that shows my ARP at 2758. The first number is correct, but the second number comes out of nowhere. Which number is actually in the system?

Dell Cash Rewards for Canada can't seem to be claimed. Saw the thread about it, did as instructed, waited some time in case of caching issues, have relogged, cleared cookies and cache, and still cannot claim. So as instructed in the thread, here to report on it.

Just reporting that after relogging, clearing cache and cookies, and waiting some time, Canada Dell Cash Rewards still can't be claimed. Reporting here as instructed in thread about it in AWA On Topic.


Also, posted here a minute ago, appeared to post my message without issue, but then top left I got an error message about captcha, telling me to refresh page, I did so and message was gone.

I don’t understand, is this such a new feature or a bug - I can’t correct my comment in my own topic or even delete it! There is only the opportunity to "Quote" and "Report"!

Why not move the button "create thread" from the left to the right? After all, it obscures the information about who and when posted his comment. Yes, this information is of little importance, but at the moment it looks somehow inconvenient + on the left side, anyway, the place is free, but on the right, after all, it’s occupied with something!