AWA Artifacts




To be with my companion all the time, would be a dream.  We feel inseparable at times. I rarely get dressed up for it, but I understand it would never leave me anyway. I feel this weighted box all around me, and I know its love.  





No matter which link I select, its never the right one. Why don't these links work? One of them has to be the right one. 

This one?  What about this one?  Which one is it?  I can't quite figure this out?  Honestly, help me out here.  WHERE?

I'm confused.  It has to be one of these.  I FOUND IT.  NO I DIDN'T  YES!  NO!  MAYBE!  HERE! 




Haha.  You thought you wouldn't have to compute my calculations again? 

(21/3*6)+A = 0.6*(293/2-46.5)

                                B = 2 Digit Year

                                  C = A number between 2 and 6