AWA Artifacts


We're back. Did you miss us? I hope everyone had a great holiday period. There were a ton of giveaways going on, so we know you guys had plenty to do without these pesky artifacts getting in the way. Time to get back to the hard stuff. We did promise the Artifacts would be back to their normal schedule this week, but that was a lie. Due to the Alienware VR Cup in Las Vegas next week, we will once again be having another Easy Day! week. We know this will disappoint some (and make others happy), so we have decided to up the point values for this weekend. Good luck. You'll need it.

Artifact Recap: To earn that precious ARP, use the clues below to find the correct URL or action. Visiting that URL or completing the action will award you with points. If you're stuck, the community usually has a solving topic up in the off-topic section



If I was a giving man, it would be Indiana Jones running around the world.  






You're such a tease. It's in the eye.







It's cold in the northern part of the hemisphere right now. Be disciplined to figure this one out. 





You know the drill. This is the wrong URL:

  • A = After all things being even, this is the sum of five consecutive primes.
  • B = Half the normal base.
  • C = This number, a long time ago, used to look like a chair.
  • D = Seven (Hint: It's not seven)