Eretz Tzvi

I have the Kylorf's Sylphin Fission Blade maxed out artifact active that should give me an additional 12 ARP to Steam quest completions. I noticed last week and this week that I do get the 15-25 ARP for Steam quest completions but I don't get the 12 ARP from the Artifact. Anyone else seeing this?
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01.29.2024 19:47:52 - Atkray -
Yea it isn't adding additional ARP for the steam quests.
01.29.2024 20:17:55 - aletheuo -
what value is it showing in the arp log? the command center is omitting the artifact bonus in the display
01.29.2024 21:51:33 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
Only take the value showing on ARP Log instead of any places, since those are base value and mostly not adding the Artifact Bonus visually. But in background ARP Log it counts (Which is the one that matters)
01.29.2024 22:05:29 - LosT_SouL_VL -
Thank you people, in my ARP progress log I have found that for this week I'm rewarded the extra artifact ARP for Steam quest completion. For last week I can't find them maybe they were not ready.